About Us

Who are you?


The chefs at PUNK have put the menu together without any limitations or rules, they do what we find desirable, new and flavorful. The outcome is food that is pure and powerful and leaves nothing for the imagination.


Líkt og nafnið gefur til kynna er PUNK óformlegur, nokkuð villtur og fjölbreyttur.
Við höfum sameinað margar stefnur og
strauma svo nafnið lýsir vel andrúmsloftinu.
Hjá okkur færðu skemmtilega og
fjölbreytta rétti og glæsilegt úrval af kokteilum.

Don't wine just drink


We are passionate about servings great cocktails and drinks. Our bar is one of the largest bars in Iceland and some might say it's the chicest in town.

We like options


Vegetables are one of the most important things on our menu and we celebrate that with delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.