All Star Menu

Our all-star menu consists of 6 courses which take you on a gastronomical journey crafted by our talented chefs*

Price per person 12,990 kr.

*All star menu is only served for the whole table and for 2 persons or more



Tuna tartare

Pulled taco

Beef tenderloin

Krazy coconut

Four Way Menu

Price per person 10.990 kr.

Won Ton

Greek yogurt, kimchi sesame powder and garlic.

(D) (G)

Pulled taco

Pulled pork cooked in a bourbon whiskey sauce, with chives and aioli.


Grilled Arctic Char

Arctic char in miso with fermented potato mousse. Tzatziki, mixed
herbs and crunchy almonds and coriander.

(K) (M) (G)


Beef Tenderloin

100 gr beef tenderloin, served with creamy potato salad and delicious sauce.

(C) (D)


White chocolate “skyr” mousse, crumble, berries and sorbet.


Grilled Flatbread

Flatbread with grill oil and Punk rub.

1,190 kr. | (G) (M)



780 kr. | (C)


780 kr. | (A)

Tomato and sesame

780 kr.

Tacos (2 pcs)

Crazien Tacos

Chicken thighs in Szechwan sauce with crunchy. Vietnamese coleslaw, chili mayo and cilantro.

2,990 kr. | (G) (S) (C)

Tiger Tacos

Grilled tiger prawns with Punk hot sauce, baby gem lettuce, mango and cilantro. ( Warning HOT A.F )

2,990 kr. (G) (L) (C)

Burger Taco

Prime beef with kick ass relish mayo, tomato lettuce and American cheese.

2,790 kr. | (D)

Carrot Taco

Honey carrot with kimchi, vegan feta, Punk hot sauce and cilantro. Change to vegan (V )

2,890 kr.

Pulled Taco

Pulled pork cheek, cooked in a bourbon whiskey sauce, crack nacho crunch, aioli and chives.

2,990 kr. | (D)

Small Courses

Crack Buiscuits


Crunchy parmesan biscuits with aioli.

1,990 kr. | (G) (D)

Nachos & Guacamole

House style nachos served with fresh guacamole.

2,190 kr. | (C)

Cauliflower Tempura

Crispy with Punk sauce, herbs, pickled apple salad, and cilantro. Can be made vegan (V)

2,990 kr. | (G) (C) (D)

Punk Tataki

Beef, kimchi sesame, ramsons onion and broccoli cream.

3,790 kr. | (D) (G)

Tuna Tartare

Guacamole, house-style nachos, sesame seeds and Tindur cheese. Possible to change to lettuce leaf

3,690 kr. | (D) (C)


Smoked chili garlic lemon dressing with cilantro. Can be made vegan (V)

2,490 kr. | (D) (C)


Grilled maiz, parmesan and Punk sauce.
Can be made vegan (V)

2,490 kr. | (D) (C)

Main Courses

Punk fried chicken


Crispy A.F. chicken thigh glazed in smoked chili garlic butter served with sweet kimchi cucumbers, cilantro and punk sauce.

5,490 kr. | (G) (C) (D)

Beef tenderloin

Grilled beef tenderloin. Served with creamy crispy
potato salad and roasted chicken demi glaze.

4,990 kr. (100 gr) / 7,990 (200 gr)

(C) (D) (G)

Lamba hip

Grilled lamb served with miso
potatoes, tzatziki, fermented rutabaga and roasted demi glaze.

6,990 kr. | (D) (G) (A)

Grilled icelandic char

Arctic char in miso with fermented potato mousse. Tzatziki,
mixed herbs and crunchy almonds and herbs.

5,990 kr. | (C) (D) (G) (A)

Duck confit salad

Grilled duck leg, crunchy salad mix, garlic dressing, almonds, lemon and caramelised onions. Substitute for tiger prawns 200 kr. extra | (G)

5,990 kr. | (D) (A)


Grilled butternut, pickled parsnip, aioli, dill and charred lemon.

4,100 kr. | (A) (V)


Fresh Salad

990 kr. | (V)

French Fries

1,190 kr. | (D)

Creamy Crispy Potato Salad

1,590 kr. | (C) (D)

Grilled Broccoli

990 kr. | (V) (G)



690 kr. | (V)

Chili Mayo

690 kr. | (V)

Béarnaise sauce

690 kr. | (D) (E)

Roasted Chicken Demi Glaze

690 kr. | (G) (D)

Punk Sauce

Horseradish, lemon and chives.

690 kr. | (D)


Krazy Coconut

Chocolate mousse, with coconut filling, and chocolate ganache.

2,790 kr. | (D)


White chocolate “skyr” mousse, crumble, berries and sorbet.

2,790 kr. | (D)

Safe word is banana

Banana-bread, miso caramel*, sorbet, pineapple and strawberry. (*Substitute caramel with berries to make vegan)

2,790 kr. | (V)

Dessert Platter


Try all our three desserts together on one platter. Perfect for sharing.

7,990 kr. | (G) (D) (V) (A)

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